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SensaVue fMRI

SensaVue fMRI 

Paradigm Presentation System for fMRI

SensaVue presents a sensory experience to your patients during routine MRI exams and functional MRI. Based on technology previously used for research, Invivo now offers this comprehensive, easy-to-use visual and auditory solution for clinical use.

SensaVue sends visual and auditory signals from a variety of media sources to a high-resolution 32" display, which can be positioned virtually anywhere in the MRI suite.

SensaVue is available in two system configurations: SensaVue fMRI and SensaVue HD. SensaVue fMRI features clinically validated experiment paradigms that may be directly triggered by most leading MRI manufacturers' systems, up to 3.0 Tesla. The paradigm suite includes a battery of clinical fMRI tasks that provide proven activation of the motor, visual, auditory and language regions of the brain.

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