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Dynacad incorporates a comprehensive set of automatic image processing tools to improve your confidence and interventional procedure workflow.

Enhanced Workflow and Productivity

• Large, flexible workspace with custom hanging protocols
• Multi-vendor/modality viewing capabilities
• Configurable worklists for easy study management
• Automatic PACS archiving of DynaCAD images, captures and standardized reports
• Flexible client/server options
• Automatic creation of post-processed image series and storage to PACS archive
• Export images from multiple file formats (e.g. JPEG, PNG, TIFF, AVI, etc.)

Increased Diagnostic Confidence

• Automatic generation of subtracted, multi-planar reformatted (MPRs) and dynamic maximum intensity projection (MIP) images 
• 3D image registration for correction of patient motion artifacts
• QuickClick Segmentation standard with most DynaCAD systems 
• Integrated utility for creation of DynaCAD CDs and DVDs with built-in image viewer

Interventional Planning with DynaLOC

• Enhanced computer graphics for visualization of needles and interventional hardware
• Option for interventional planning with GE 8ch, most Sentinelle, and all Invivo breast coils
• Library of interventional instruments for site-specific, customized workflow
• A simple, menu-driven user interface
• Computer-guided localization for improved procedure planning
• Integration with leading vacuum-assist biopsy devices

QuickClick Segmentation

One mouse click and DynaCAD launches a simple, menu-driven workflow for lesion classification.
• Advanced segmentation algorithm allows for on-the-fly user modification
• Automatic kinetic analysis (angiogenesis maps, time-intensity curves) 
• Single-click volume analysis, lesion composition statistics and histograms
• Auto-search the most suspicious regions of interest (ROIs) 
• Automatic lesion location and diameter measurements 
• 3D rendered morphological overview 
• Automatic creation of “Finding Reports” for organization, classification and reporting of findings in accordance with the ACR BI-RADS® Atlas

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